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What some of the Clear Mind clients have to say about their experiences at recent workshops and with Ian Haycroft at the clinic:

Your natural ability to spread your knowledge to others and your passion for what you do is strongly evident.

I got so much from your “Heart Codes” workshop. I came with the intention of gaining greater understanding of myself and my ‘programs’ and I got that and so much more.

As a practitioner I often focus on helping others and don’t help myself enough! You have given me a wonderfully simple tool to be able to help me work through my own issues as well as work as well as a tool to add to what I already offer to help others.

With deepest gratitude.

Ellen Willis
Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner
Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

"So clear and precise...gets straight to the core"

Nazareth Tira  (Sunshine Coast)

"The clarity and simplicity of this workshop is oh so valuable. Easy to grasp and immensely powerful".

Kerry McKeoun (Caloundra)

"Interesting, enlightening, thought provoking. A workshop for anyone wanting to understand themselves and the world around them".

John Clough  (New Zealand)

Oops I knocked the top off the thing on my leg again. Each time I did it I noticed a jelly like substance dribbled out of the hole. I put a band aid on it and forgot about it again. It didn't hurt it was just a nuisance every now and again, so until the top came off and it leaked I simply forgot about it. One day I looked a bit closer and realized it was much larger and seemed deeper. Upon reflection, I realized it had been going on for months, nearly healing but not quite. I rang a cancer clinic and booked in for my first total scan. There was a two month wait.

About a month later I caught up with Ian Haycroft of Clearmind Therapies in Noosaville. I had been to his clinic a number of times and had had some amazing insights and personal growth experiences. I wondered if he could help here because obviously what I was doing wasn't enough. Ian was a great help using the clearmind technique and kinesiology to locate an emotion buried deep in my subconscious that needed to be cleared for it to heal.

A week after my session with Ian I noticed that the `thing' seemed to look healthier and smaller. A month later when I went for my cancer scan there wasn't even a scar to be found.

However they did find skin cancer on my face right next to my eye. The skin there was red and had been peeling spasmodically for a couple of years. I put it down to perspiration under my glasses and a nuisance at times. It certainly didn't look like the horrible pictures of cancer that I had seen. However a biopsy showed it was BCC. Suggestions were made that I have an operation that would leave a 2" scar or an expensive treatment involving the use of a special light beam. That rather scared me as this BCC was right beside my eye and I was concerned about my eyesight. So I put off their suggestions and decided to try `other' treatments. I tried many different types of lotions and ointments including the radium weed which resulted in a very swollen face. A further check up at the cancer clinic 6 months later showed that it had grown in size.


I realized that I wasn't able to heal this on my own, so back to Ian I went for another clearmind session. In no time at all, using the clearmind techniques he located the emotion behind this cancer and gave me a treatment. At home I started to meditate for a few minutes each morning seeing the cancer disappearing, along with the associated emotion and would finish by "doing my eyes" the clearmind way.


Last week I went back to the cancer clinic. They had told me that at this appointment I would have to decide whether to have the operation or the light technique. I couldn't leave it any longer.


But, guess what? They couldn't find it. It wasn't there. They tried all their machines, but it was not to be found, no scars, no veins, nothing. My skin cancer had totally disappeared.


I want to say a very big thank you to Ian and his Clearmind technique.

Pauline Thompson

I found this very inspirational and extremely helpful. Being a healer myself I found that I can and will use some of the techniques I have learned here in my own practice. Ian made the workshop very inspiring and fun.

With Love and Gratitude.

Sonia Russian Thomas  

I appreciated you being approachable and open.


As a Reconnective Healer I found the Conscious Discovery Seminar worthwhile and can thoroughly recommend it to everyone as an adjunct to their other therapies or for their own personal use. I was happily surprised at effective this program is and what an eloquent speaker Ian is. He teaches in a simple but effective manner, making it easy to learn. I can’t wait for the more advanced seminar. Thank you Ian, you are inspirational.

Regina Foreman (Buderim)

Ian made everyone in the workshop feel comfortable, was a great teacher as he was approachable and interesting and easy to learn from and listen to. I would recommend Ian’s weekend workshop without hesitation.

Janice (Queensland).

A simple and clear procedure that is invaluable to us all. Something anyone can do with practice. Thank you for giving me the tools to implement self healing and healing of others.

Susie P. (Queensland)

This workshop will provide another tool I can use in my future programs. I would recommend Ian Haycroft’s seminar to anyone.

Mrs. C. Micallef (Victoria)


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