Ian HaycroftThe ClearMind Technique 
The ClearMind Technique is a series of simple processes using Kinesiology that allow you to come to “Conscious Discovery” of the sub-conscious and energy field blocks that stand in the way of your optimum health; physically, emotionally and spiritually. It is also a series of simple processes to assist you in removing those blocks.  
The conscious discovery of our “life history” stored in our cells is one of  the key steps toward living fully conscious lives. These “cellular memories” are filed in the sub-conscious body-mind system, and often prevent us from living  to our full potential.
The following list is an outline of the areas we can concretely “find,”  address, and “clear” using the ClearMind Technique:
  • Negative emotional associations with key life areas. (eg: money, intimacy or friendship)The reactive behaviours we unconsciously follow because we are unaware of cellular sub-conscious.
  • The personality traits and programs we run that restrict our life.
  • The key limiting beliefs that run our lives.  (eg: I am not worthy of abundance).
  • The blocks in our overall and cellular energetic system. (chakras).The energetic interference we pick up in every day life. The underlying causes of disease. What area of my body, what organ, what system, what gland or what joints are storing the issues holding you back and causing ill-health.   
Once you have discovered that which limits you, then you can clear them away, and I will show you ways to do this. These clearing techniques when used together provide the most powerful liberation I have ever seen.  
My intention in all the courses I teach is to show you that YOU can discover what is at work in your sub-conscious, and YOU can clear it, and YOU can build the life you want. THIS DOES NOT HAVE TO BE HARD!
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